Silver Spangled Hamburg

Silver Spangled Hamburgs are seasonal layers of small-medium white eggs. Very intelligent and quiet. They prefer to be allowed to roam freely. Aggressive foragers. One of the best tick eating breeds. Long lived. Smaller, light body size. Very winter hardy due to low profile comb and tightly fitting feathers.


Runner Ducks

Runner ducks have a marvelous, entertaining upright gait, and they lay nicely.

Breeds: Blue and Chocolate

May 22nd, 2019: Blue Runner ducks and Chocolate Runner ducks, all sexed.



Chickens benefit greatly from being under the watch-care of a rooster, as God designed them to be; flock harmony is noticeably better with a male than without. Throughout the year, you can choose from among young roosters (cockerels) of gentler, calmer breeds that tend to be well-mannered around people and gentle on the hens, without compromising vigilance against predator threats; for high-pressure predator environments, you might select a more robust elite-forces type to serve as a macho flock guard, always vigilant and ready to lay down his life for his girls; or for the pure pleasure of it, select from still other breeds for the enjoyment of their showy colors and spunky personalities. For 2020, we offer Silver Spangled Hamburgs (pictured), Partridge Plymouth Rocks, Black Australorps, Blue Australorps, Golden Penciled Hamburgs, Black Sumatras, Blue Sumatras, Cubalayas, Ameraucana bantams, Delaware bantams, Barred Rock bantams, Rhode Island Red Bantams, Silver Sebright bantams, Gold Sebright bantams, Buff Brahmas bantams and possibly other breeds.  Limited availability.

Hatching week of April 10th, 2020: most breeds


Khaki Campbell Duck

While many ducks are excellent layers and many breeds can outlay many chickens, Khaki Campbell ducks are among the most productive layers of all waterfowl.

May 22nd, 2019: All sexed, additional $3 premium for sexed female.


Golden Spangled Hamburg

Golden Spangled Hamburgs Are Seasonal Layers Of Small-Medium White Eggs. Very Intelligent And Quiet. They Prefer To Be Allowed To Roam Freely. Aggressive Foragers. One Of The Best Tick Eating Breeds. Long Lived. Smaller, Light Body Size. Very Winter Hardy Due To Low Profile Comb And Tightly Fitting Feathers.