Red Sex Link

$28 each, temporarily sold out.

Red Sex Links are the best and most efficient layers of the highest quality and quantity of brown eggs. Red Sex Links give you the best return on your money per pound of feed purchased, when measured by weight and quality of eggs produced. Red Sex Links are the high octane race cars among the brown egg layer types, but they are also calm and friendly.

‘Sex Link’ is a generic term for any chicken breed that is the result of crossing two differently colored laying type chickens, with the sex of the offspring being easily identified at the time of hatching by obvious differences in the color of the chicks’ downy coat.

Red Sex Links are available worldwide under various proprietary names such as Hubbard ISA Brown, Hy-Line, Bovans Brown, Red Star, Golden Comet, Cherry Egger, Production Red, Cinnamon Queen and other glamorous titles… but they all perform similarly, at least for backyard flock purposes. Why so many names for this sort of hybrid, you ask? There is international demand for commercial brown egg production, and various breeders select and maintain proprietary male and female chicken bloodlines necessary to produce these very productive birds. We offer the strains that produce the highest egg quality and quantity. In fact, the beautiful, uniform dark brown eggs you see in the supermarket cooler are almost certainly from one of these hybrid strains. While RSLs are relatively hardy and they are quite friendly, so they are especially good for backyard flocks. For these reasons, the Red Sex Link is probably the most widely kept backyard laying hen throughout New England.

On the other hand, while RSLs outcompete all other brown egg layers, they also are more sensitive to variation in nutrition and health maintenance. Think of RSLs as you would the engine of a high performance sports car: It requires 91-octane gas, and it simply won’t run for long on 87 octane. Other, less productive breeds of chickens can tolerate more variation in nutrition. If you choose to include RSLs in your flock, you will be well rewarded if you ensure that they receive a high level of nutrition. We suggest that you avoid feeding empty calories in the form of popcorn, pasta, bread scraps, scratch grains, wild bird seed etc.