Live Poultry

2020 Poultry for your Backyard Flock

THIS PAGE IS KEPT FAIRLY UP TO DATE. WHILE AVAILABILITY MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE AS WE SELL LIVE BIRDS THROUGHOUT THE DAY, THIS PAGE REFLECTS OUR CURRENT INVENTORY DAY-TO-DAY. For hatchling (chicks, poults, ducklings or goslings) availability, watch the ‘availability’ info that accompanies each breed; as soon as that breed is available for purchase, we will change the listing from ‘hatching week of…’ to ‘Available’.

Most all our chickens are vaccinated against Mareks disease.

We carry the best quality feed at the lowest prices, and better supplies and equipment at excellent prices too: feeders, drinkers, heaters, bedding and more. We also provide you whatever advice and guidance you need.

Many people are concerned about hardiness in cold weather. No chicken is truly hardy for cold weather (lower than 40 degrees f). For more of our thoughts on that issue, please visit our Q and A page.

We generally have select chickens, geese, ducks and heritage turkeys available throughout the year. Please see below for specific availability.