Lakeshore Egger

The Lakeshore Egger is a promising new breed developed in Europe, offering many important features for people wanting good production of colored eggs that size up large. The Lakeshore Egger grows into a variety of feather patterns and was developed for more efficient laying rather than a predictable breed size or appearance.

Range of eggshell color: Pale light blue, blue-green to light minty green, with about 10% of hens laying a brown egg.

The Lakeshore Egger can produce an average of 270 eggs in the first year of lay. As a producer of marketable colored eggs, this new breed can perform essentially as well as the better layers of brown and white eggs.

$3 premium for this rare breed.



French Toulouse goslings, unsexed, available in April. The French Toulouse is grayer than the American Toulouse. In our experience, Toulouse are the most easy-going of all goose breeds, and are therefore more family-friendly. They are also a good choice for egg production, and for those who enjoy a roast goose, they are among the most meaty and early-maturing. Very cold-hardy.

We also have 2 mature Embden ganders (males).  They are among the calmer sort, and these boys are used to people.  Regularly $73, now on sale for $45.