White Leghorn

The best and most feed-efficient layer of white eggs. Intelligent, nimble and bubbling with energy. Prefers not to be handled. Aggressive foragers. One of the best tick eaters.


Silver Spangled Hamburg

Silver Spangled Hamburgs are seasonal layers of small-medium white eggs. Very intelligent and quiet. They prefer to be allowed to roam freely. Aggressive foragers. One of the best tick eating breeds. Long lived. Smaller, light body size. Very winter hardy due to low profile comb and tightly fitting feathers.


Golden Spangled Hamburg

Golden Spangled Hamburgs Are Seasonal Layers Of Small-Medium White Eggs. Very Intelligent And Quiet. They Prefer To Be Allowed To Roam Freely. Aggressive Foragers. One Of The Best Tick Eating Breeds. Long Lived. Smaller, Light Body Size. Very Winter Hardy Due To Low Profile Comb And Tightly Fitting Feathers.


Egyptian Fayoumi

Just about as feral a chicken as you can find. Lightweight, independent-minded and aggressive foragers, they are the Delta forces of tick eating chickens. They come in charcoal gray/silvery white camoflage feathering. Egyptian Fayoumis are also surprisingly good layers of small ivory tinted eggs. They seem to have originated in the Nile delta, where there is a city named Fayoum.


Blue Andalusian

The parent stock of this breed is from Andalusia in southwest Spain, and the Blue strain was developed during the nineteenth century by English breeders. Good layer of white eggs. Energetic, aggressive forager.


Black Sumatra

Gorgeous flowing black feathers with a lustrous beetle-green sheen. Intelligent and active. Moderate egg production of about 100 eggs per year. They readily go broody and they are among the best mothers. Considered critically rare!

Straight run.