Lakeshore Egger

The Lakeshore Egger is a promising new proprietary breed developed in Europe, offering many important features for people wanting HIGH PRODUCTION colored eggs that size up large. The Lakeshore Egger grows into a variety of feather patterns and was developed for more efficient laying rather than a predictable breed appearance.

Range of eggshell color: Pale light blue, blue-green to light minty green, with risk of about 10% of hens laying a brown egg.

The Lakeshore Egger can produce an average of 270 eggs in the first year of lay. As a producer of marketable colored eggs, this new breed performs essentially as well as the best layers of brown and white eggs.


Ameraucana Bantam

Cute, energetic, mini versions of their larger counterpart, the standard size Ameraucana. Fabulous feather patterns. Typically lays a small blue or green egg.