U-Pick Fruit Policies

Orchard Ridge Farm U-Pick Fruit Policies

Thank you for considering a visit to our family farm! We worked hard for years to shepherd this year’s fruit to ripeness. Please read and honor our U-pick fruit policies.

  • Our farm is our family home and our private property, and our crops are our livelihood. You are our guests.  We ask you, and all members of your group, to be gentle with the blueberries bushes and fruit trees, and to sample only a few fruit. Please wait until after payment to enjoy the rest. Since we sell our fruit by the pound, how else can local farming thrive?
  • Appropriate U-Pick picking containers are available at the farm for a nominal cost.  You may also bring your own, but be aware that some containers are awkward to weigh on our scale.
  • Please leave pets at home.
  • Do not climb trees, sit on your friend’s shoulders, yank at branches, throw fruit around, pick three and drop/toss two etc.
  • Children must be under effective supervision and control at all times. We expect adults to model good behavior by not eating fruit (except for a small sample in order to confirm the quality) until after payment. See our ‘sampling policy’ below.

For U-Pick, we suggest that you come prepared for the outdoors as needed: hat, sunscreen, bug spray, jacket, close-toed shoes.

We are pleased to offer our customers the use of a nicely appointed bathroom at the farm, equipped with a baby changing station.

Orchard Ridge U-Pick Sampling Policy in a nutshell:

Please taste a few berries, or share an apple between you to confirm that it is good. Beyond that, please wait until after you have paid to enjoy the rest.