Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey

Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys!

These special turkeys are pasture-raised for better quality that you and your guests will appreciate. Pastured turkeys have firmer meat with better flavor and texture; say goodbye to flabby, mealy confinement ‘turkey’ pumped with filthy brine liquid from the mega-processing. Our healthy turkeys have great flavor without ‘up to 10% retained brine solution’ and they will outshine the competition. Our turkey is butchered on-location at a fine Maine family farm with whom we work to bring you these impressive meats. Each turkey is freshly butchered and wrapped by the farmers themselves and their crew, and each turkey arrives to us fresh and ready to roast.

We have 3 weight range options for whole turkey:

15-19 lbs

20-24 lbs

25+ lbs

Want less meat? Try a half turkey, also $5.29 lb

Want something different? Whole turkey legs:$5.99 lb; double turkey breast (bone-in) $8.29 lb; boneless turkey breast $8.59 lb.

A $20 deposit is required for all turkey reservations. Turkeys grow slowly, and supply is determined months in advance; therefore, we have limited quantities. Please reserve in person, at our farm market, as soon as possible. Deposits are not refundable, but cancellation can be converted into farm market credit.

Turkeys will be ready for pickup in the days just prior to Thanksgiving or Christmas.

We do not ship turkeys. In-store pickup only please!

For more turkey info, please DM, or text or call the farm market kitchen at 207.712.1433.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys


Select your turkey size and when you would like to pick the turkey up.  All turkey reservations require a $20.00 deposit.  No turkeys will be shipped to any location, pickup only.

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Additional information

Turkey Portion Size

15-19lb Full Turkey, 20-24lb Full Turkey, 25+lb Full Turkey, Half Turkey, Whole Turkey Legs, Double Turkey Breast (bone-in), Boneless Turkey Breast

Pickup Date

November 20-22 (Thanksgiving), December 21-23 (Christmas)