Poultry for your Backyard

We offer healthy young chicks and chickens for sale at our farm. See our list of current poultry below.

We carry quality feed and fairly priced supplies and equipment: feeders, drinkers, heaters, bedding and more. We also provide you whatever advice and guidance you need.

We raise poultry starting from ‘day olds’ (just-hatched). We work with a variety of breeders who supply us with healthy hatchlings. In this way, we offer a wide variety at all ages, so you can get right to enjoying your new birds.

Egg-laying type chickens begin to lay eggs when they are about 18-26 weeks old, depending on how you feed them and the time of year they are hatched; even so, when young pullets are hatched late enough in spring or summer so that they mature while day length is declining, they may simply wait until the following spring before laying their first eggs. Modern production oriented breeds that we offer, such as the Red Sex Link and the White Leghorn, tend to begin laying early in life, and will usually lay more consistently than any other breeds. Old fashioned laying types will usually lay well, but productivity varies somewhat by breed. Many fancy and rare breeds only lay eggs during a portion of spring and summer. Each chicken tends to lay fewer eggs with each passing year of her life.

Chicken breeds have been bred for different purposes. What are your goals? Here are a few of the most common: high egg production; lowest cost per egg; colorful fun pets to enjoy roaming the lawn; cuddly; eggs and meat; coping strategy for empty nest syndrome; blood pressure reduction as you sit and watch them all day; tick reduction. We are happy to point you toward breeds that will fit your aims. Tell us your aims so we can suggest a flock to suit.

Many people are concerned about hardiness in cold weather. For our thoughts on that issue, please visit our Q and A page.

To view our poultry ‘flock’, you can scroll down the list at the bottom of this page. You can also use our poultry search, below, to help you zero in on the right breeds for you. But first, some guidance about selecting traits:

Availability: select the age(s) you seek from the available hatch dates.

Egg Production: select the egg production level you require.

Egg Color: select the shell color(s) you desire.


  • select ‘wide ranging’ if you want chickens that are the most independent, wary against predators, able to cover multiple acres and offer effective insect and tick control over that area.
  • select ‘medium ranging’ if you want chickens that are semi-independent and somewhat wary against predators, able to cover up to two acres and offer effective insect and tick control over that area.
  • select ‘homebody’ if you want breeds that are the most ready to be your pets and are able to cover up to about a half of one acre and offer effective insect and tick control over that area.

Temperament: When selecting using this trait, keep in mind that while there are strong breed temperament tendencies, they are all poultry and they are in most ways more similar than not! Essentially all female chickens are safe around children, provided the children do not provoke pecking by stealing eggs from under a setting hen; this trait is therefore about ranging and foraging qualities, and not suitability for families. Select:

  • ‘Homey’ if you desire breeds that readily respond well to food treats and tend not to range very far from the coop, but that tend to depend on you for protection (good for people who want more cuddly pets, who will not range their chickens or who have under one acre for roaming).
  • ‘More Independent’ if you desire breeds that are motivated to roam over a wider area, more energetic and tend to watch out for themselves better against predators, with the tradeoff that they and are more independent-minded and harder to convince to let you close (all good traits for excellent tick control, for instance).

Breed: Use this only if you know what breed you seek, and want to simply check that. This search allows you to select specific breeds (e.g. ‘Black Laced Gold Wyandotte’) , or to select a breed group (e.g. ‘Wyandottes’, which will pull up all Wyandottes we offer).